Brekkie Shack Grand Opening

Brekkie Shack: Costal-Cool Breakfast, Lunch and Brunch at Grandview Yard


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Brekkie Shack

Where All Foodie Dreams Come True…

We’re stoked to see all of the final details coming together on one of our recently completed restaurant projects, Brekkie Shack. Owners and sisters, Lisa and Lindsay Rusch, are the most cool, calm and collected restaurateurs you will ever find. Working closely with the owners, GRA+D Architects and Axis Construction, we outfitted their space with whitewashed restaurant table tops and loads of bench seating that reflect the cool costal vibe. Working alongside business owners to craft the vision for their space is one of the best parts of doing what we do. Here’s a little Q+A we did to get an inside peek on their story.

Lindsey and Lisa, where did you seek out your inspiration for your vision for Brekkie Shack?

We did some research visiting places around the U.S. and exploring cool spots on the East and West coasts. We’ve been collecting little items here there – pictures, menus, branded matchbooks, coasters, coffee cups among other things as almost a big scrapbook for the past ten years. Deciding to work with GRA+D Architects and Axis Construction gave us the knowledge and confidence that it was possible to bring our vision for Brekkie Shack to life.

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How do two sisters from Columbus come to open a restaurant with a killer concept? What’s your story?

We grew up in Columbus (Worthington) and we loved to bake, which was prompted by a school project we did when we were 8 years old. We were obsessed with talking about baking, chocolate cake and restaurant atmospheres… you know, typical 8 year old stuff. So, we grew up going to our grandmas house every Sunday and baking for our aunts, uncles and cousins — we had a built-in captive audience. Baking transitioned to cooking as we went through college and then jumped into industry jobs to get experience and really hone in on what we enjoyed in the restaurant industry. Which quickly brings us to Brekkie today!

What are the quintessential components that make up your vision for Brekkie Shack? What’s the vibe?

The essence of Brekkie is a coastal vibe with Midwest roots. We want the space to feel casual, welcoming to all, friendly and approachable. We really wanted to provide a calming space with great energy. We really wanted to play off of all of the natural light in the space with furniture from Edgework that would compliment that airy feeling. They nailed it. The whitewashed tabletops and hickory countertops play into a natural and broken-in feel but, are simple and clean. 


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\What part of opening Brekkie Shack has surprised you the most?

The most surprising part for us has been the people we have met. So many awesome, helpful and cool people that want to collaborate and make Columbus as amazing as possible. Opening a business has been a learning curve, but the community and other business owners have been so fun to get to know! Edgework Creative, GRA+D, Axis Construction, Crimson Cup, Butcher & Grocer to name a few.

What has been the most fulfilling thing about the project?

Seeing our vision come together between branding, atmosphere, food, cocktails and how it’s been received by the community. We always say to each other “What if we did this?” or “What if we could someday do that?” and it’s all happening. Thinking back, our Grandma worked in her grandparents baker, so it’s in our blood to do this and it feels amazing to share with everyone who has supported us through all of the years.

What has been the most challenging thing about the project?

Cutting down the menu! It has been so fun to show creativity through dishes, but we are on our 25th draft, we want to make everything!


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Brekkie Shack Grandview Yard

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How did you come to work with us, Edgework Creative?

We were working with GRA+D on design and materials and they were quick to recommended talking with Edgework Creative. We signed on with Axis Construction who also sang Edgework’s praises, so once we saw their work we were all in. Their crew is relatable, friendly and it’s always fun stop by their shop and discuss new projects!

What are you most looking forward to next?

We’re looking forward to enjoying the space with our new Brekkie team and showing the community what we have been dreaming of for over 20 years. We wanted to put all of our favorite things in one place to share with everyone – healthy dishes including breakfast all day, sweets (making the 8 year old versions of ourselves proud), cocktails in collaboration with local distillers, craft beers with fun branding and a local coffee partner with innovative equipment. Stick around for a little bit to enjoy the music – we handpicked each song on our Brekkie playlist 🙂

Brekkie Shack Grand Opening

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