General Reclaimed lumber care instructions:

There is a certain attitude of “letting go” when living with reclaimed wood furniture and decor. Enjoy the changes that touching the wood brings as a rich patina develops over time.

Little nicks and scratches do blend in and add to the overall character of the furniture. This is especially true of dining room or kitchen tables that get heavy use every day.

The best care for wood furniture is a stable environment. Abrupt changes in humidity are what cause problems with wood joints, cracking, and splitting.

Regular dusting with a soft cloth is recommended. An old cotton T-shirt or lint-free dishtowel works well. Wet the cloth lightly, wring out so it’s just damp, and wipe down the furniture. Turn the cloth often so you’re picking up the dust, not just moving it around on the surface.

Spray “furniture polish” is not recommended. These products often build up a residue and actually attract dust.

Some of our more rustic tabletops with several pieces of wood placed side-by-side can gather crumbs into the cracks. Brushing the surface off first with a soft brush will make it easier to clean the overall table with the cloth.


1. oil 1-2 months, depending on use
2. we sell 8 oz bottles of oil (should last about a year depending on use) for $5. bring the bottle back for a refill for $2. Because, you know, we don’t like waste. reuse.
3. board should be clean and dry before oiling
4. apply oil using a clean, soft cloth liberally and allow to soak in overnight
5. wipe off excess oil in the morning
*hand wash with soap and water and allow to dry vertically
*do not soak

wooden cutting board
outdoor dining table


we recommend the use of general finishes exterior 450 water-base urethane varnish. see product package for application instructions.
we recommend a minimum of 3 coats every 2-3 years or as needed. it is a top coat and should allow for more time between maintenance.

keep your furniture covered during severe weather (harsh winters, etc) to lengthen the amount of time between coats. you should wipe up any standing water to help extend the life of your outdoor furniture.