A look inside the Remley home

Edgework at Home: Meet the Remleys

We’re Lindsay and Alex Remley, owners of Edgework Creative, a furniture design, millwork and metal fabrication shop proudly based in Columbus, Ohio. And beginning this month, we’re offering an insider’s look at the work we love. Here, we’re kicking things off with a peek inside our home. Good to meet you. Thanks for joining our journey.

Our journey began with a pile of wood given to us by a friend.

It sat in our driveway for years—and through two moves. At the time, Alex, who enjoyed a successful career selling wine, was expanding his carpentry skills. He had built a vanity and a deck. Our friend figured he’d make good use of the old barn wood.

And he did … eventually. I found a photo of a dining room table on Pinterest and asked Alex if he could make it. He said he’d try. Naturally (ha!), I modified the vision to fit our aesthetic. And naturally, Alex brought the vision to life.

Soon, we were taking orders from friends and family, turning reclaimed wood into beautiful tables. Eventually, our business was born.

We’ve grown so quickly in the six years since then—from our home garage to our 10,000-square-foot workshop, showroom and HQ in Grandview with a team 10 strong. It’s been a whirlwind in the best possible ways.

Our work is our passion. Our team is our family. Our clients are our friends. This is all very personal. So, we figured, what better way to kick off our blog than by inviting you into our home?

It’s not perfect, and it’s far from done. But it is my sanctuary and the place we’re raising our three young kids. So it is filled with objects that we love. Nothing fancy or expensive, just a collection of items that have meaning. Every room has hand-me-downs, garage sale finds or thrifted pieces. Each includes things we were given as gifts from important people in our lives. And of course it’s filled with furniture Alex has made over the last decade. I’m constantly rearranging things—shopping my house, as I say. I steal one item from here to see if it looks better over there. And because we make furniture, we are constantly adding ideas to our to-do list.

If you collect things you love, your home will always be a welcoming and happy place. We hope you enjoy this glimpse inside ours.


Alex’s favorite piece in the whole house is one of the first things you see when you walk in: the console table he built himself. It’s just so simple and clean, amplified by the two brass mirrors from Grandview Mercantile hanging above. The entryway definitely sets the tone for our style, which I’d call modern eclectic—clean with lots of textiles and textures.


We haven’t ever really completed the living room. I’m always fussing with it (I kind of do that in a lot of rooms).

Wallpaper is a big commitment—and I had a lot of anxiety over it (especially because when I told people I was doing wallpaper, they were like, Wallpaper is so 1980s). That’s probably why it took me a long time to pick this out. But I love it. The wallpaper is grass cloth, which adds texture and feels a little dressier.

The coffee table, a piece I absolutely love, is the most recent addition. I spent months staring at photos of it online before finally pulling the trigger.

And the blue chairs (there’s one in here and one in our lower level)—I’ve had about 15 people try to buy them off of me. Which is so funny, because they’re not super exotic; they’re actually from West Elm.

I’m constantly rearranging the decor on the mantle, which is the first one we ever built. It was sort of an experiment. We had all these beams without a purpose, then it suddenly occurred to us it would look great above a fireplace. Now we do mantles all the time.

The framed Japanese silk scarves are one of the many things I inherited from my grandmother. My grandfather brought them back from the war when he was stationed in Japan.

But what really makes the room, to me, are two signature pieces—the credenza and the light fixture.

The credenza is hands down my all-time favorite Edgework piece. We originally made it for Decorators’ Show House at Columbus Museum of Art, using end-grain wood tile to achieve a cork-like vibe. There’s just so much I love: the size, the proportions, the mix of metal and wood, the generous storage inside. The design and detail that went into it are incredible. It’s definitely a conversation starter.

And the light fixture is phenomenal. It’s 9,000 zip ties held together with chicken wire. It was made by hand by Jennifer Harrison, who runs Flea Market Fab out of Cleveland. I’ve been following her for years on Instagram. She had been teasing the idea of having a garage sale, and she finally announced it would happen on a random Wednesday in Cleveland. So I drove up for the day and scored the fixture. It’s a serious statement; everybody notices it.


This is my favorite room in the house. It’s also the only one that feels done. It’s a statement room for sure, with a living wall you can’t help but notice. (Thanks, Creath Plantscape Design!) The inspiration for that came from a story I read about Mexico City and how they are filling the city with walls of plants to counteract pollution. The wall looks impressive, but it’s super easy to take care of (I only water it every two weeks).

And of course, this space is home to the dining room table—the table that started it all. Alex doesn’t love it because it’s not his best craftsmanship. But the symbolism is what gets me. It’s imperfection is its absolute perfection. So many good times and big laughs around this. So many new dreams dreamt because it was built.


Dinner parties are hosted in the dining room, but the kitchen is where our family gathers. I knew I wanted a pedestal table in here—something our family and friends could easily maneuver and slide around. Alex found the base at a scrapyard. It was part of these fire sculptures that used to float on the Scioto River in front of COSI. He turned it upside down, painted it black in the backyard and added the reclaimed wood top. This table is the first time we really modified anything, and I love that it’s a piece of Columbus history. (I also love that it’s indestructible by crayons, scissors or apparently anything else. Trust me, our kids have tried.)


There is something from Edgework in all of our rooms, even if it’s small.

In Jackson’s room, it’s the framed poster hanging above his bed that reads: “Smart is cool.”

In our other kids’ bedroom, it’s the strands of wood scraps, which are really special. Before the grand opening of our current showroom, our event coordinator, Meredith of Auburn + Ivory, ran around our shop collecting wood scraps. She painted them gold and hung them everywhere with greenery and lights. We kept a few of the strands and hung them here, which works because they feel playful, kind of like building blocks. But it’s a reminder of a big moment for us.

The end table is a mid-century modern dresser I got six years ago on Craigslist for $20 and painted.


Our bedroom has Alex’s second favorite pieces of ours—a pair of floating nightstands.

The room isn’t all that big (we got rid of our dresser and opted for a storage bed instead), so keeping the nightstands off the floor really makes the room feel more spacious.

The mirror is ours, too.


This is our hangout space—and a great example of how we collect pieces.

The art in the corner is something I bought for $20 from Bundle in Clintonville. I saw it, loved it, and bought it with no real place in mind for it. I still love it every time I see it. The baskets and elephant head are from my grandmother. The lamp is from Grandview Mercantile. There’s a pillow from Erica Reitman that I found on her Instagram and needed to have. (She’s an incredible designer, and her home is like a dream. It’s a 650-square-foot stunner.)

My home office is set up in the corner, with floating shelves Alex designed.

And in the adjacent guest room—another tight space—Alex designed a set of live-edge floating nightstands, which really open up the room.

Truth: There’s yet another level that is full-on kid zone. It does contain an Edgework original—a LEGO building table for our little architects. But we’ll just let you wonder how amazing the chaos looks.


And these—these are the rascals we call ours: Jackson, Dylan and Oliver. Someday, Jackson will be our boss. (Trust me, he’s gunning for it to happen sooner than later.) And we can’t wait.

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  1. Bravo! Love love love your eclectic modern home. Can’t wait to come enjoy a glass of wine around the new coffee table. Hope to see the outdoor space in a post this spring!

    1. So kind Kate! Stay tuned for all our fun posts in the coming months.

  2. Dreamy. (The house & you guys.)

    1. Thank you!

  3. The designer's style is in every room of the house. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the use of color in each of the bedrooms, and love, love, love the grasscloth and zip tie light fixture.

    1. Thank you!

  4. Absolutely love your design sense. I would call it modern cozy! I like that your home is functional but not sparse. It is livable and loveable. Great job! Can you share info on where you got your rugs?

    1. Linbee,
      Thank you for your kind words! The living room rug was a hand me down from a friend! The master bedroom rug is from RugsUSA, the rug in the shared kids room is from Target and the rug in our sons room is from West Elm.


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