How We Work

If you are interested in booking a project with us, these steps will give you an idea of what to expect.

Fill Out Quote Request Form

First, we ask that you complete a quote request form that you can find on our contact page.

Let’s Talk!

Once we receive your quote request form, we will reach out to you within 24 hrs to schedule a preliminary consultation. This can take place during an in-person meeting, on a phone call or over email.

Receive Your Estimate

After we obtain further details about your project, we will send you a cost estimate. This estimate is good for the following 30 day period. If this estimate should expire, we will work with you to re-quote your project.

Deposit & Agreement

If you are ready to move forward with your project, we collect 50% of the project estimate as a deposit along with a signed customer agreement.


We will work with you to confirm and finalize all of your project details and begin the design process. Each project is afforded 2 rounds of review and revisions to the design rendering (renderings are not provided for shelving projects). Once we have received your final approval, your project will then move into our production schedule.

Final Payment & Delivery

As your project nears completion, we will send your final invoice and schedule your pickup/delivery date and time. We must collect the final payment before or during your project pickup/delivery date.


What’s your typical turnaround time?

Project lead time begins once we receive the deposit and a signed customer agreement, and is typically 6-8 weeks. We pride ourselves in having realistic and transparent timelines and keep our clients informed of longer lead times before booking a project.


What’s the average cost of a project?

Project cost is calculated by estimating material and labor costs, that’s it! The first question we always ask is, “what’s your budget?”, because knowing a realistic budget from our customers helps to guide us in making material and design decisions.


What are your metal finish options?

As a standard practice, all of the metal components of a piece will be finished with a clear coat lacquer, which is a great protectant under normal use. You can also choose to have the metal components of your project finished in a custom paint color, or powder coated.


What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a highly durable, metal finish that is accomplished by coating the piece in a magnetized powder and then baking it at 400˚ F. There are a wide variety of color options available and results in a finish that is as tough as nails.


Where do you source your reclaimed wood from?

We work closely with several crews that specialize in the removal of old barns. The reclaimed wood can be sourced anywhere from just outside of central Ohio to parts of Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana.


Can we provide our own materials for our project?

For liability reasons, we politely decline the opportunity to work with customer provided materials. We would be happy to work with you on creating the piece of your dreams with our own materials.


Who handles the design of a project?

We are equipped to handle the design completely in-house. We are also open to follow a design that has been specified by a third-party. No matter what, we promise to work with you to create a piece that works for your vision, your space and your life.


What types of wood do you work with?

We typically source our wood locally, because we believe in supporting the local economy and using materials that tell the story of where we’re from. We work with new lumber, live edge slabs and reclaimed wood in a variety of species.

Reclaimed Species: Red Oak, White Oak

New Lumber Species: Ash, Hickory, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Sycamore, Walnut

Live Edge Slab Species: Ash, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Walnut


Do you provide stain samples?

Absolutely. We provide up to 3 stain samples per project. We have 11 unique stain offerings, providing a wide palette of color options. In special cases, we can also create a custom stain for an additional cost.


Do you offer repair and refinishing services?

Unfortunately we do not offer repair or refinishing services at this time. If it is an antique or period piece, we recommend seeking out a professional refinisher.


Can you do upholstery?

For projects that require upholstery, we work closely with Fortner Fine Living. We have a great relationship with their team and they have a long history of doing exceptional work.


What is live edge?

Also referred to as “waney edge” or “living edge”, live edge is a thick slab of raw lumber that is cut along a trees longitudinal axis. The organic shape of the tree is kept intact, offering  loads of natural beauty and character.


Do you offer a product warranty?

We offer a 1 year limited warranty that begins on the day of project delivery/installation. For more information please read our warranty.


What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay in-person by cash, check or card, and we also offer online payment options through our invoicing program. Credit card transactions are subject to an additional 3% processing fee.