Our crew is talented, creative and inspired by working with their hands to create something you will treasure.  They are the lifeline of the company and our most valuable asset.  A lively group that we consider family.

Edgework Creative team

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Alex headshot

Meet Alex

He’s had a beard for 13 years (and counting).

He’s self taught.

He could eat pizza every day for the rest of his life.

Lindsay headshot

Meet Lindsay

She’s the real boss.

The patio at Lindey’s is her happy place.

She’s a former athlete at THE Ohio State University.

Joey headshot

Meet Joey

He collects vehicles: cars, dirt bikes, motorcycles, campers, etc.

He’s an amazing cook.

He could eat tacos any time.

Grant headshot

Meet Grant

He was in the U.S. Army National Guard for 6 years.

When not working you can find him binge watching Netflix.

Philco Diner in the Short North is one of his favorites.

Nate headshot

Meet Nate

He loves cooking.

Nate’s favorite movie is The Sandlot.

You will not see him in flip flops ever.

Elisha headshot

Meet Elisha

She feels happiest when she is in, or around the water.

Elisha is an extreme night owl, it’s easier to stay up until 6a then get up at 6am.

Arch City Tavern is one of her favorite restaurants.

Eric headshot

Meet Eric

He beat the Oregon trail in 3rd grade

He drives a vintage Bronco

Eric is learning welding at the shop

Katie headshot

Meet Katie

She’s an architecture student at THE Ohio State University

Katie loves soccer

Favorite food is Mediterranean, always

Justin headshot

Meet Justin

He doesn’t own a TV.

Justin studied Industrial Design at CCAD.

He loves textiles and plants.

Troy headshot

Meet Troy

Troy has his nose pierced.

He has 2 adopted dogs.

Troy wants to visit all of the major National Parks, so far he has been to 6.

Shop kids, family business

Meet our Shop “Help”

They have a passion for keeping the shop clean.

They are always “rearranging” the tools.

They’re self described position is “getting as many people excited about Edgework Creative as possible.”

Do you have a passion for building and designing? Are you handy and interested in working with us? Our business is growing rapidly and we are always looking to partner with or hire new members to our crew.  Please contact us!