Restaurant Furniture and Fixtures

We've been lucky enough to help build furniture for more restaurants than we can count.  Whether it's tables, seating, fixturing, outdoor furniture or countertops we've built it.  It's so fun to see all the different styles and pieces find their way all across the country.  Take a look at some of our work in these categories:

Restaurant Tables

The range of tables we've built and shipped nationwide is as varied and unique as each space they live in.  We've seen (and built) it all- unique shapes, different species of wood and a range of styles.  Check out a small sampling of our restaurant tables all across the country.

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

Whether you want standard square tabletops or unique shapes, we can make them.

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative Restaurant tables and seating by Edgework Creative

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

Restaurant furniture by Edgework Creative  Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

Our table tops can be built in any size, material or style.  We aim to help support your design and vision.

Restaurant booths and tables by Edgework Creative

Brewery tables by Edgework Creative

Restaurant Seating

Perhaps one of the most popular items we build, it was hard to narrow down the images of seating we've built to share in this blog post.  We offer a standard seating collection (which can be customized with brand colors) on our website and we also build a large range of custom seating too.  Check out a sampling of our work here.

Custom restaurant seating by Edgework Creative

This custom slatted bench was designed to maximize seating in a tiny deli.

Restaurant seating by Edgework Creative Restaurant seating by Edgework Creative

On the left we built these custom and contemporary benches and on the right our standard Scout chairs at a gastropub.

Custom restaurant booths by Edgework Creative

A custom curved bench featuring steel, walnut and upholstery for a historic building converted to a restaurant.

Restaurant bar stools by Edgework Creative Restaurant chairs by Edgework Creative

On the left our STAX stool (in bar height) and on the right our Principal Chairs

Restaurant chairs by Edgework Creative

Restaurant seating by Edgework Creative

Our Scout chairs in Walnut and our Mast Stools in Ash.

Restaurant seating by Edgework Creative Restaurant booths by Edgework Creative

Restaurant Fixtures

Fixturing, host stands, trash bins, partition walls, whatever you can think of- we've likely built it.  Each space and business is unique, we love being able to help you maximize storage, service and displays with custom fixturing in a range of style and design.

Restaurant shelving and fixtures by Edgework Creative Restaurant fixtures by Edgework Creative

These fixtures are a great example of the range of style, capability and function we can help create in your restaurant design.

Restaurant fixtures by Edgework Creative

Restaurant furniture by Edgework Creative Restaurant fixtures by Edgework Creative

These custom slatted queue partitions create visual interest and a clear division of space between the ordering line and dining space.  As a bonus, they double as the bench back in the seating area.

Ceiling cloud by Edgework Creative

Arched ceiling clouds mimic the shape of hot dogs for Weenie Wonders first location.  We love helping create these pieces.

Wine rack by Edgework Creative Restaurant fixtures by Edgework Creative

A custom wine rack and serving station create functional and stylish points throughout your restaurant.

Outdoor Furniture

Is there anything better than enjoying a meal with friends on a gorgeous day?  We think not.  It's been fun to send this outdoor furniture all over the country and see all the lovely patios they now call home!   

Outdoor tables by Edgework Creative

Patio tables and matching benches for the patio of BrewDog New Albany.

Outdoor seating and tables by Edgework Creative Outdoor restaurant furniture by Edgework Creative

Modern and fixed seating and tables for our partners at Weenie Wonder.

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

We love the clean look of these modern looking 2 top tables for a patio.

Outdoor tables by Edgework Creative

Bar tops + Countertops

The perfect place to belly up is at the bar!  We've been thrilled to build countertops for several restaurants in different styles, sizes and with custom features like a custom door for service staff to access and pass through.

Bartop by Edgework Creative

Bartop by Edgework Creative

We cut this service station access into this section of the snaking bar top to allow the staff to move behind the bar.

Butcher block bar top by Edgework Creative Restaurant bar top by Edgework Creative

This butcher block countertop is made of white oak and weighs over 500lbs.  Built in sections and it spans over 30' in the longest section.

Waterfall countertop by Edgework Creative

An over 20' long waterfall kitchen island that doubles as both prep space and a spot for guests to dine.

If you are looking for a partner to build your restaurant furniture and fixtures, we'd love to help.  You can get started here.  We love working on creative and interesting projects and helping tell your brand story.

Our team is able to help you implement your design vision, whether you need custom throughout, just want to order our standard items or are interested in customization options on our seating selections. We value the relationships we build with our design partners beyond measure. Our team is dedicated to working together to execute your design intent and problem solve alongside you.

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