Product Care + Maintenance

Over the first few weeks and months please take extra care with your new piece of furniture while the finish cures and the wood acclimates to its new environment. Light, temperature and humidity are all contributing factors to the health and well-being of your furniture. Please follow our recommended care and cleaning instructions to keep your piece looking its best for many years to come.

First 30 Days

During the first month, please refrain from using any harsh chemicals or cleaning products on your finished piece. The stain or finish is continuing the setting and curing process over the next 30 day period and requires extra care and attention. If cleaning is required during this time, you may use a cloth dampened with plain water and a fresh cloth to wipe completely dry.

Wipe away all liquid and food spills in a timely manner and utilize placemats and coasters to protect the finish. Be sure to avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity as these elements can be damaging to wooden furniture and finishes.

Standard Care Instructions

Once the curing period has passed, we recommend a simple and effective cleaning and care regimen for our products. Use a light application of mild soap and water with a spray bottle or dampened soft cloth to clean the surface of your piece. Follow with a fresh dry towel to wipe away any excess moisture that remains.