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We love having the opportunity to work with growing brands as they expand and open new locations.  Agape is no exception, they opened their 3rd restaurant a few weeks ago in Sunbury and our team was thrilled to work with them again on the restaurant tables and fixtures.  The space is beautiful, but the meaning is better.  "Agape [ah-gah-pay] is a Greek word for love that embodies doing good for one another.  Agape inspires to make our world a slightly better place with each small act of kindness," the Agape team shares.

Restaurant tables and fixtures by Edgework Creative

Restaurant Tables

We built all of the tables throughout the space, including the white oak dining tables, the two walnut community tables at bar height and the walnut waterfall window table.  The team at Agape shares "food brings people together and we love nothing more than seeing friends, families or even co-workers enjoying Agape together at the community tables in our stores.  We also love that our community tables are made by a business in our community!"

We could not agree more.  

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

Slatted Wall + Benches

The slatted wall and bench seat is the largest fixture in the restaurant.  It serves three purposes; the first is to create a natural place for guests to order their food, the second is to help define the dining space and the third is the built in bench integrated on the interior of the wall in the dining space.

Restaurant fixtures by Edgework Creative

Slatted wall by Edgework Creative Slatted wall by Edgework Creative

Slatted wall by Edgework Creative

An integrated bench seat runs the entire length of the slatted wall to provide quick and casual seating for guests.

Ceiling Cloud

Mimicking the design of the wall in the dining space, the ceiling cloud features the same slatted design and also has integrated lighting.  The ceiling cloud helps define the dining space with the bar height walnut community tables.

Ceiling cloud by Edgework Creative

Ceiling cloud by Edgework Creative Ceiling cloud by Edgework Creative, restaurant design

Restaurant Fixtures

With the continued demand for takeout and delivery, we built this order pick up station that allows customers to quickly grab online orders or delivery orders without waiting in line.  The metal structure stands at over 8' tall and has shelving that fits bags for standard carry out or larger catering orders.

Restaurant carryout fixture by Edgework Creative

Restaurant fixtures by Edgework Creative Restaurant fixtures by Edgework Creative

While not always the most glamorous fixtures, we also built the beverage station and waste fixtures to be consistent with the rest of the restaurant.

A big thank you to the team at Agape that continues to support our work and team.  It is such a joy to work alongside other small businesses growing and doing good in our communities.  If you haven't tried Agape yet, don't delay.

Design: Rowe Creative Union

Contractor: HBM Construction

Graphics: Kobalt Studios

Photography: Amy Carruthers


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