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What’s the opposite of cutting corners? It’s called doing the right thing. It’s easy to identify with this moral code, but a completely different beast to embody it. We strive for this in our own work and are quick to recognize it in others like our client and friend, Josh Myers.

Stepping back a few years… we had a different name and a different shop, which Josh liked to frequent looking to pick up some wood for his own projects. We’re happy to hook him up with material when he comes through, but now he also brings us a healthy wishlist of custom pieces for his Myers Property Solutions projects.

Josh and his wife, Ashley have long wanted to build a home of their own in the Italian Village neighborhood and armed with Josh’s 18 years of construction industry know-how, it made more financial sense for them to build 3 homes instead of just 1.

“Bringing our little block of 3 homes together is a passion project, so my expectations were very high. Not to mention that the buyers of the additional 2 properties would end up being our next-door neighbors, so the stakes were high.”

Josh knew he wanted to work with a local business to bring a sense of story and personality unique to each of the 3 homes.

The first of the 3 properties is the personal residence of Josh and Ashley Myers, which is sprinkled with a variety of Edgework pieces (a metal-framed mirror, metal coat rack, a metal coffee table base, and several other custom steel components.

The second of the 3 features a brick exterior that blends traditional and contemporary design elements inside and out — using natural wood finishes inside to soften a minimalist palette.

What we love about working with Josh is that he knows the value of investing in custom finishes and is willing to think beyond the table (read our thoughts on that here). The pieces in the second property are all made from virgin White Oak including a waterfall island countertop, stove hood trim piece, fireplace mantle, and a gorgeous master bathroom vanity designed by Alex.

Having us execute these projects saved Josh time and added a flair of masterful execution to what were destined to be the centerpieces of this home.

“I want someone to buy a property from me and know that at every turn I set out to do the right thing, matching the value of the home with quality skill and intent. I know that what I am getting from Edgework will match what I put forth and that they’ll stand behind their work.” - Josh Myers

“Buying a home is no small investment, and people would see right through a prefabricated Wayfair vanity. Custom elevates the property to make it stand out; it raises the bar. They’re not just functional and practical; they’re beautiful custom pieces that anchor the home and give it personality and character.”

We really enjoyed working with Myers Property Solutions on these projects, and we’re excited to get to work on another property Josh is currently renovating in Upper Arlington (available for sale in the fall), as well as the third Italian Village home currently under construction (pre-sold). The question is, did he enjoy finally working with us?

“I’ve been blown away and really appreciate the post-project energy. During the process I enjoyed working with Alex and the team, they were all great. In construction, you don’t always work alongside fun/positive people, so the partnership has been refreshing. I can be to tough to please with an expectation of high quality and on time results, but Derek and Alex were happy and ready to work with that.”

Follow @myerspropertysolutions on Instagram to stay up to date on all of their projects. Photography provided by Scout Columbus | @scoutcolumbus.

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