How to Book a Custom Project

For 90% of our customers, booking a custom project is a completely new experience. Most of the people we work with either have a specific vision in mind or what they are looking for just doesn’t exist. Working with us to build a custom piece for your home is a chance for you to showcase your personal style, invest in a piece of furniture made by real people, and get the most enjoyment from your space. Buying furniture shouldn’t be a compromise — it should be exactly what you want! Custom is our specialty, and we’re here to help.

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Custom That Feels Comfortable

Custom isn’t as scary as it seems, and you might be surprised to learn that maybe custom IS right for you after all. We’re the experts; it’s our job to be. Here’s how we work with you to build the custom piece of furniture of your dreams.

Think Beyond the Table

We’ve built more custom tables than we can count, and each one has a story. But we want you to think beyond the table. Yes, we can build you your dream dining table, but the possibilities of custom projects go far beyond that. Here are some inspiration and examples of our work to give you an idea for our range of projects.

  • Mirrors
  • Built-ins
  • Desks
  • Railings + Handrails
  • Staircases
  • Bunk Beds
  • Dining Tables
  • Benches
  • Beams
  • Shelving
  • Custom doors
  • Vanities
  • Countertops
  • Islands
  • Coffee Tables
  • Outdoor Bed Swings

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Feeling Inspired?

For more project inspiration visit us on Instagram and Pinterest, or browse these 4 project recommendations to add value to your home.

porch swing, custom swing, porch daybed, custom furniture, porch inspiration

metal handrail, stair railing, custom railings, metal fabrication, custom furniture

Custom White Oak Bathroom Vanity by Edgework Creative

Capsule Shaped Mirror by Edgework Creative x Paul and Jo Studio

Our Custom Process

Once you have identified a potential custom project, we’re ready to guide you through our custom process. We pride ourselves on personalized and transparent communication and we strive to educate our clients on the design and fabrication process. Here’s how we work with you at Edgework Creative.

Step 1: Request a Quote

The best way to Work With Us on a custom project is to request a quote online by completing a brief questionnaire. 

We ask a short series of questions gathering information about you, your project, and your budget. There are no right or wrong answers when providing information about your budget! We work with you to design and build your project while remaining conscious of the investment you have accounted for. 

If you have inspiration images, sketches or design ideas to share with us, we will request those in the next step of the process.

Step 2: Connect

We have a team waiting to receive your quote requests. Once we review the information you provided, we will reach out with any additional questions we may have and plan a time to discuss your project further. You should plan to receive an email from us in response to your request within 24 hours!

Step 3: Collaborate


Our design process is flexible to fit your needs. We can work directly with you to design your piece in-house completely to your specifications, or we are happy to execute an existing design provided to us by your interior designer or by a collaborating partner on your project. In this collaboration phase, our expertise really shines as we help you to select and smooth out the details for dimensions, construction, and design.

Select Materials

We work primarily with fresh lumber, reclaimed lumber and live edge slabs in the species of Ash, White Oak, and Walnut. We source our wood and metal materials from trusted regional partners to support our local economy and to provide the highest quality material for our custom projects. The material selection process is dictated in equal parts by the design and use of the piece, as well as your vision and style.

Wood + Metal Finish Options

We make the stain and finish selection process easy with a carefully curated selection of in-house wood and metal finish options. Our finishing products have been trialed, tested and approved by our in-house experts and we select products that extend the longevity and beauty of your piece. We are able to execute custom finishes upon request, which may incur an additional finishing fee.

White Oak Stain Samples (from top left to bottom right) - Natural (Clearcoat), Blonde, Sunrise, Coastal, Arctic, Stone, Espresso, Decaf, Eclipse

Walnut Stain Samples (from top left to bottom right) - Natural (Clearcoat), Blonde, Sunrise, Coastal, Arctic, Stone, Espresso, Decaf

Ash Stain Samples (from top left to bottom right) - Natural (Clearcoat), Blonde, Sunrise, Coastal, Arctic, Stone, Espresso, Decaf, Eclipse

Step 4: Say Yes!

Once we work through all of the details for your project, you will be provided with a custom quote, which is valid for 30 days. After you say “YES!”, we collect a 50% deposit to move your project into our production schedule. Projects quoted for $1,000 or less require payment in full prior to moving to production. We accept payments by check, cash or through our online payment portal, whichever is easiest for you!

Please note, our estimated date of completion is based on the date we receive your deposit and a signed customer agreement. Only once we receive your deposit and customer agreement can your project be moved into our production schedule.

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Step 5: Where the Magic Happens 

Once your project moves into production, this is really where the magic happens. Our team not only has the talent and skills to bring your vision to life, but it’s their lifelong passion. They go the extra mile devoting themselves to the details and craft of handmade furniture, keeping the client in mind every step of the way. Our crew is what makes us special.

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Our mission is to put integrity back into furniture and make handcrafted a part of every home. We will keep you updated on the status and progress of your project, and encourage you to drop by our shop to have a look behind the scenes. Once it’s complete, we will reach out to you to collect final payment and to coordinate pickup, delivery or installation.

Love it Forever

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for. On delivery day, we are just as excited as you are to see our creations in their forever homes! Your reaction and excitement are what makes our job so much more rewarding, and we love hearing how our clients use and enjoy their pieces for years to come. We will provide you with our product care and maintenance recommendations as well as details for our one-year limited warranty. We guarantee you’ll love it forever.

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