Blending Old and New

Remodeling a home from the 19th century to fit modern life is no small feat.  Homeowners Todd and Seth undertook this challenge with the help of Tim Lai ArchitecT.  "Remodeling a home from 1870 is a labor of love and was even more challenging during the pandemic," Todd shares.  The home is a lovely representation of what they love: Palm Springs and mid century modern.  "Our goal for this home was mid century with glimpses of the 19th century when the home was built," Todd shares.  Edgework Creative was grateful to be a part of this stunning home, read below to learn about all the components we built for the home.

The Stairs

Highlighted by 30 foot ceilings allow tons of natural light to flood through the stairwell.  Vertical paneling highlights the vertical style of the steel handrail we built.  The stairs add a modern look to the center of the house and the light acts like a spotlight, highlighting the stairs.  Both the homeowners and the architects agree that this is their favorite moment in the home.  A real showstopper.

Modern staircase Metal stair railing by Edgework Creative

Modern railing by Edgework Creative

Art by Hank Hudson was commissioned and is a portrait of Nina West.

The Kitchen

We created 3 different pieces for this entertainers kitchen.  Our clients are avid bakers and love to entertain so there is plenty of space for everyone.  The homeowners say they can easily fit 8 people in the kitchen for mingling.

Walnut Kitchen Island

This kitchen island all about form and function.  Made of walnut (swoon❤️) it is the perfect gathering space for dinner, taste testing and cooking.  We love the storage shelves on the end and the waterfall edge on the other.  

Walnut kitchen island by Edgework Creative

Wood kitchen island by Edgework Creative Mid century modern kitchen

Drink Station

We take our coffee and cocktails pretty seriously and love when our clients do too!  A custom coffee and cocktails nook in the kitchen seems like the ultimate kitchen luxury.  An all walnut surround and countertop keeps it looking extra luxurious.

Coffee station Coffee nook

Brass Shelving Brackets
Simple and clean these shelves provide storage for everyday items.  Round brass rod and simple shelves keep the space bright and functional.

Brass Shelving Brackets by Edgework Creative

Brass Shelving by Edgework Creative

Bathroom vanities

More walnut, because there is never enough!  A pair of walnut vanities in the bathrooms helps create consistency in materials throughout the home.  Both floating vanities offer ample storage while maintaining a clean look.  "We like its deep and rich colorations and elegant wood grains, which complement the many brass fixtures and hardware in the house," Eliza shares.

Bathroom vanity by Edgework Creative Floating vanity by Edgework Creative

Modern bathroom, walnut vanity

Bathroom vanity by Edgework Creative

Living Room Bar

Manhattan anyone?  Todd + Seth love an old fashioned and this living room bar is the perfect place to wind down the day.  Similar to the cocktail station in the kitchen, this living room bar nook is cased in walnut which helps define the space and makes for the perfect place to wind down a long day.

Walnut bar by Edgework Creative Living room bar by Edgework Creative

"We hope our changes help the home see another generation of owners," Todd shares.  Eliza from Tim Lai ArchitecT said "the team feels imperative to preserve its original characters while modernizing it with simple, clean-line elements and natural materials to enhance the elegance of the house."  

Design + Architecture: Tim Lai ArchitecT

Kitchen Cabinets:  Cai Cabinetry

Bathroom Lighting: West Elm

Bathroom Tile:  Hamilton Parker

Bathroom Hardware:  Schoolhouse



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