BrewDog: Las Vegas

Floating above the Las Vegas strip is the newest, biggest and baddest brewery from BrewDog yet!  Our team built and sent 2 semi trucks full of furniture out to Sin City and then traveled out to assemble and install it all.  We are incredibly proud of this project and we can't get over these unbelievable views!  This location spans 2 floors right on the Las Vegas strip with both indoor and outdoor dining options for up to 1,300 people (read: lots of tables).  

Restaurant Furniture at BrewDog Las Vegas

The rooftop terrace offers 360 degree views of Las Vegas.  "This site is one of a kind. It is on the Las Vegas strip in the heart of the action. We have 30,000 sq/ft over two floors and wanted to create something incredible," Keith Bennet of BrewDog shares.

Terrace Tables + Rooftop Bar

With some of the best views of Las Vegas, BrewDog's newest brewery floats 8 floors above the Las Vegas strip.  With 210 days of sunshine it's no surprise that the rooftop deck is expansive.  With some of the most spectacular views of the strip, day or night, its the perfect place to spend a sunny day or enjoy the twinkling lights of the city.  We built a range of small and large tables both in dining and bar height to help have a varied table selection, there are just shy of 50 tables to choose from.

Restaurant patio furniture by Edgework Creative

Restaurant outdoor tables by Edgework Creative

Restaurant furniture by Edgework Creative

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

 This back to back bar connects the indoor and outdoor spaces.  

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

Outdoor tables by Edgework Creative

Indoor Tables

We built over 60 indoor tables and retail fixtures for the bar.  The indoor bar features various types of tables that will accommodate large groups, small groups and in a variety of spaces throughout.  There are no shortage of options for your group.

Brewery furniture by Edgework Creative

We can't make any promises, but you might see Elvis during your visit 😉

Brewery tables by Edgework Creative

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

Bar tables by Edgework Creative

Wood restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

Booth tables by Edgework Creative

There are a range of seating styles and groupings offered at the brewery.  Whether it's a couple or a large group, there are seating options for everyone.

Behind the Build (+ install)

This was our 12th location with BrewDog so we have definitely streamlined production and installs- it's one of the things that's so great about working together for over 5 years!  This location offered extra challenges with site conditions on the 7th and 8th floor along the Las Vegas strip.  With careful planning and a site visit before we started building anything, we were able to anticipate any challenges and have a plan ahead of time.  Four of our team members spent the week in Las Vegas installing and delivering all the furniture that we shipped out a week ahead of time in 2 semi trucks.

Cut list 

BrewDog Las Vegas

"We have had the pleasure of working with Edgework Creative since 2017 and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. It has been a pleasure to work on the partnership over the years and build the relationship together. When executing multiple projects at once in different states it is so important to us that we have a partner we can trust and who really understands our brand," Bennet shares.

BrewDog Vegas menu

Some special Vegas items include Wagyu Burger, Lobster Tacos, Lobster Mac N Cheese

BrewDog Las Vegas

You will find the craft beer you expect in Vegas along with specially brewed ciders and beers and 30% of the taps dedicated to independent local breweries from the area. 


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