Gravity: Living with Intention

"Gravity merges people, place, and passions into something very new. A home to dreamers and artists and educators and entrepreneurs and musicians and craftspeople and anyone else who infuses our community with energy and insight and wonder. At its best, community creates a sense of meaning, identity, fulfillment and belonging. Gravity is rooted in these values." ~ Gravity

Live, Work, Play

Gravity is bringing like-minded people, programs and physical spaces together to positively impact the community and creating a space to live with intention.  Brett Kaufman, the force behind Kaufman Development and Gravity, shared "the amount of collaboration we see coming out of the Gravity community is very exciting." 

We were honored to build furniture for 4 different spaces in the development; Pelotonia HQ, Tafts Brewpourium, an outdoor public mural and the public event space.  We believe in a world filled with furniture made by passionate people, from quality materials and designed to build community.

Gravity, Franklinton


Gravity apartments have top of the line amenities and the building has rooftop terraces with sweeping downtown views.  RHOVE provides an opportunity for residents to save for their financial future by helping them build significant savings by doing something they already do every month, pay rent.  Gravity matches these savings!

Onsite amenities within the development like Tafts Brewpourium and Roosevelt Coffeehouse provide a place for the community to gather, connect and have fun.  The property has inspiration at every turn.  You will find public art murals everywhere, plant installations, inspiring quotes or words of encouragement in the parking lot and plenty of spaces to gather and connect.  Gravity is a feeling, not a place.

Gravity, Franklinton


Gravity is a collective hub of entrepreneurs, city leaders and artists.  Offices like Pelotonia, Bark and COVA call Gravity home.  Doug Ulman, CEO of Pelotonia, shares "we’ve been excited to build stronger relationships and partnerships with the other tenants at Gravity, with Roosevelt Coffeehouse being one example. Being in a space where our team can walk next door and support another mission-driven organization that is giving back to the community has been exciting."

We worked with Pelotonia to build several components for their new HQ office- a space they use every day for the good of the community.  "We were thrilled to be one of the first tenants in the Gravity Project. From the first moment that we heard Kaufman Development’s vision for a space focused on well-being, community and impact – we felt a strong alignment," Ulman shares.  

Pelotonia, custom furniture   Pelotonia, custom furniture

Pelotonia, stadium seating, custom furniture, wood furniture

Pelotonia, custom furniture, kitchen island, wood furniture

When you walk in you won't miss the 20' tall slat wall we built and installed.  In the kitchen area, we created a long kitchen island with seating and prep space, as well as a booth and table for enjoying lunch or collaboration within the team.  The stadium seating was designed for multiple purposes; flexible work space, a gathering space for events and storage.  That's right, those stadium seats open for storage!

"We’ve been able to build out a functional, exciting space that remains true to our core values of being transparent, socially-conscious and inclusive. We also have a more functional space in which to collaborate, welcome guests, host multiple meetings at once and socialize," Ulman shares. 

Registration for their 12th annual ride opens next week on February 20th at noon- you can register here.  As of publishing this blog, Pelotonia has raised $208,267,488 for life saving cancer research.  


Gravity has a robust offering of events open to the public- everything from mixology lessons to financial wellness classes.  Check out their upcoming events and sign up here.  We built the tables in their event space, with a focus on flexibility and the ability to move them and rearrange based on the type of event.  It's been a joy to see the community connection, gathering, learning and sharing that has happened in the space and at these tables. Kaufman shares, "I'm really excited about a speaker series we're launching in 2020 that will bring in even more local and national speakers on a regular basis. It will be a unique experience for Columbus."

Gravity, public events, Columbus Ohio

Art murals along the eastern edge of the property showcase vivid murals and a public space full of inspiration.  We collaborated with Mary Dietsch Design on a section of the wall with a bench suspended to encourage people to sit and enjoy the space.

Gravity, Kaufman Development, bench, custom furniture

Gravity 2.0

"We really want to lean into the intersection of expression, impact and well-being, as it can define a neighborhood and uplift the surrounding community," Kaufman says about the continued development.  Gravity 2.0 started construction this week and you can read more about their plans and continued growth and development of the community here. "There's so much positive energy to feed off of here; it's just awesome," Kaufman said.

In addition to the continued development of Gravity, Kaufman is furthering the reach of the community and mission by launching the Gravity podcast. "It’s an opportunity for a broader audience to hear about the life journeys of all kinds of local and national people with interesting success stories. We are featuring everyone from artists to entrepreneurs and giving them a chance to vulnerably share their lives with the audience. We release a new episode every Monday," Kaufman shares. You can find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify or anywhere else you listen to podcasts.


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