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As a husband and wife duo, we quickly fell in love with @brettandkara owners of @highstreethomes.  

High Street Homes is a design and build firm based outside of Fort Worth, TX. They focus on creating homes with everyday design in mind and help people make the most of every moment along the way- read below to learn more about why we instantly were drawn to their work. 

Brett and Kara, High Street Homes, interior design

How did you get started?

We designed our personal home in 2011, a little over a year after getting married, and we learned a lot in the process. Like how important it is to have a clear vision for your project before you start. We also learned how easy it is to fall into decision-paralysis when there are so many aesthetic and functional considerations, and how important it is to work with builders you fully trust. We loved the process so much we sold that house of ours after only 5 months of living there! We moved in with Kara’s parents and built our first speculative home with the help of some family that worked in real estate. We sold that home quickly and started doing custom design and build work for clients all over Fort Worth. Many projects, lessons, celebrity clients, and a national home renovation TV pilot later, and we’ve honed a point of view and process that are the foundation of our work. 

Brett and Kara, High Street Homes, interior design,  Brett and Kara, High Street Homes, interior design

We are also a husband + wife team: How do you find the balance between the work?  

We have three boys at home (7, 5 and 3), so balancing entrepreneurship and family life can feel at odds at times. We have regular check-ins and phone breaks to fully unplug. We try to not work in the evening and have a true Sabbath one day a week to resettle for the chaos of the week ahead. We also make sure we have some chance to laugh and play!

High Street Homes, interior design, kids bedroom

How do you compliment each other?

We are very similar: creative, future focused and always learning. We each fulfill different roles; Kara - design and finance with I manage day-to-day operations, marketing and new business. Kara is a bit more grounded and pragmatic about our business, while I am more of a dreamer and visionary. The balance helps us keep meeting our short term goals while not losing focus on the big picture.

Are you ever able to just turn work off?

We are trying! We are both trying to be very present in the moment. There is some great wisdom regarding “be where your feet are,” both physically and mentally. We love what we do, so it makes it a little more challenging to switch off!

High Street Homes, bedroom design

Tell us your style. 

Brett grew up in California Central Coast surrounded by vineyards and ranch style homes. Whether it’s everyday living or home entertaining, the style there is casual and effortless. Natural light and sun bleached surfaces invite an aesthetic of simplicity and freshness.

Kara grew up in small-town Texas, where traditional Southern values are celebrated. Here, great pride is taken in the keeping of a home. Meals are served around the dinner table and hosting is thoughtful and considered. Family heirlooms and heritage pieces nurture an atmosphere of warmth and belonging.

When we combined our histories and sensibilities what we created was a home style that embraces simplicity but has many references to the people, places and traditions that shape us. In two words: California Southern. 

Brett and Kara, High Street Homes, interior design

Do you have a favorite room you like to design or style?

We love designing kitchens. There are so many incredible ways to create function and flow in a kitchen. Everyone ends up in the kitchen and the sweetest memories always seem to be made in them. 

High Street Homes, Brett and Kara, new build, interior design, Fort Worth Texax

We get this question often (it's hard to answer), do you have a favorite project?

We love the Parks House (our first Market Home) and a recent kitchen transformation that we can’t wait to share soon. 

Are there trends you are loving?

We are really into the idea of wellbeing. Anything that makes your mental, physical and spiritual health better. Creating a small spot in a home to retreat and find rest is so important. Also, outdoor spaces are the next thing, everyone is investing big time in them! We dislike things that are not made for the long term - if you can spend more on a better quality item that lasts longer, that is the way to go!

High Street Homes, Brett and Kara, interior design High Street Homes, Brett and Kara, interior design

What's next? Anything big you're working on or excited about?

We are currently working on three new market homes and can’t wait to start sharing the design and build process on instagram. Also, we are a featured designer for House Beautiful’s Whole Home Concept House in Colorado. We are designing the WeShed, basically the coolest getaway spot on your property. 

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