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Tabitha from Swoon Rugs (@swoonrugs) is a vintage rug slinger, total visionary and a friend. She is dedicated to helping people source quality, well made items- you can see why we love her ;)  Tabitha has built her business online and is getting ready to open her new studio.  
We are taking you inside her studio to have a chat about rugs, design and running a business.
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How did Swoon Rugs start?

It was a complete fluke! I stumbled into online design work in 2014 via a friend after leaving my 9-5 as a new momma (read here: many things went wrong). I loved working with design clients from all over but I was struggling to source really good rugs. So I decided to fix that. To get started, I teamed up with several rug dealers as a marketer, after a few years of experimenting with e-commerce I started collecting my own inventory. 

swoon rugs, creatives we love, Edgework Creative, vintage rugs

Tell us about Swoon Rugs.

Swoon Rugs is my way to help folks source sustainable decor. With the best of intentions, it's easy to buy pieces for our home that aren't exactly what they seem to be. The market is flooded with inexpensive items that are designed to underperform so that you purchase something new very quickly. I want to help people find something better, something that's well made and made to last. I want to help people find pieces they can cherish. We live in a time of such great abundance. There's so much great stuff out there that's vintage. It's really easy to restore and reuse high quality items. It's something I'm really passionate about. 
vintage rugs, swoon rugs

Do you have a favorite style rug?  Colorway?

I love hamadans. They are Persian rugs produced in the region surrounding the city of Hamadan. Hamadans are a true visual treat. They tend to be more lively, geometric and sometimes pictorial. As rugs age the colors enhance with time. They kind of settle and become more mellow. In Hamadans some of my favorite colors tend to be more muted/faded reds, oranges, browns, blacks, ivories. 
hamadan, vintage rugs, swoon rugs, creatives we love

You've recently expanded your studio space.  What can we expect?

I didn't study for this part of the test. Who knows? Should I know?! In the time of COVID-19, I feel like everything is possible. 
In the studio I'm going to really start hoarding all the things. I'll be collecting more furniture and taking the time to refinish these pieces. I'll also be offering a much wider range of vintage decor finds. Recently I sent off several beautiful rugs (with irreparable damage) to be made into gorgeous pillows. This fall I'm getting in a line of turkish textiles. Plus we are getting in tons more rugs! And the best part is, starting in August, folks in Columbus can come and view everything in person- you can reach out to schedule and appointment.
vintage rugs, swoon rugs

What interior design trends are you currently loving?

Black kitchens, black windows, black trim/doors. I'm basically gaga over all the rich black details that seem to punctuate all of my favorite rooms. I'm also excited about big beefy kitchen islands, rattan and bamboo light fixtures and antique ceramic accents. My favorite style effortlessly blends vintage details in modern surroundings. It's both timeless and very now.  
swoon rugs, vintage rugs,
Tabitha has great taste, a passion for her work and a beautiful new studio.  Be sure to check out her online shop with a great selection of vintage rugs in all sizes (we love when she has a tiny rug drop).  Stay up to date when she periodically drops a selection of great vintage decor objects too.  And give her a follow on Instagram @swoonrugs
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