Iacano's: A Fresh Look for a Family Owned Restaurant


Growing up, Iacano’s owner, Trent Iacano, worked in the family business. His father Stephen Iacano started the restaurant in 1978 on the day of the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. After graduating from college, Trent decided to keep with the family business and to this day he puts his entire being into its success. Trent shared, “I love the restaurant environment and feel most comfortable in the kitchen”, and that’s where you’ll often find him.



The vision for the project was to create a space that people would enjoy and feel comfortable in. Trent Iacano wanted to open up the dining room to bring energy and excitement to the experience. Nicole Faccinto Design and Matt Jefferies of Glyphica Creative took the values and history of Iacano’s and brought it to life. The design and branding celebrate family traditions rooted in the Sicilian spirit and that lives on in the homemade sauces, noodles, and recipes—that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Nicole shared that, “the goal of the project was to infuse the space with the same energy that one feels while in Sicily, allowing the textures, flavors, and conversation to fill the air. By opening up the dining area and removing the center wall, they introduced a tall community table amongst the seating, inviting parties of all sizes.”

The bar was relocated and an exterior wall opened up to allow for a shared bar experience in the new Garden Room— an indoor/outdoor space filled with natural light, live plants, and charm.

All parties involved in this revamp had the priority of making every decision with the best interest and the Iacano’s name in mind. Matt of Glyphica Creative shared, “The Iacono’s have worked for generations creating a product that is beloved by the city of Columbus. The family never had lost the understanding of who they were as a family and that was so very crucial to the success of their business.”

We made these tables and wooden bases with reclaimed lumber for the main dining space. We love the attention to detail that went into this project, right down to the diagonal tile work.

Detail of the large round table with a wooden base. This one is stunning.


The Garden Room and new bar showcasing texture, pattern and the history of Iacano’s story. Check out that brass detail.

THIS. TILE. The Garden Room floors add amazing contrast to our custom table tops and steel bases.

We outfitted the new Garden Room with these richly stained custom table tops and did all of the metalwork for the bases in our metal shop. We even made the metal planters that add a touch of lush.

We can’t wait to pile into our custom table and bench and share a pizza with friends. We hope you love this space and this family as much as we do.


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