Joya: #eatwithyourhands

Welcome to Joya's, the first restaurant from Avishar Barua, a former Top Chef competitor.  It's a Bengali American day time cafe with an inspired menu full of flavor.  We were thrilled that Avishar and his team wanted to include furniture by us in the space.  Their team selected a mixture of custom fixtures and furniture, as well as some of our standard seating and stools.

Step inside!

It's a tiny but mighty space.  Warm, inviting and goodness the delicious aromas are intoxicating.  Both the space and the food pack a punch.  Enjoy.

Restaurant furniture by Edgework Creative

Pull up a seat

With over 40 of our Mast stools in both dining and bar height, there is a place for everyone at the table.  Additionally we built many of our Mast dining tables, a floating bar ledge and a massive almost 20' waterfall bar.

Restaurant furniture by Edgework Creative Bar stools by Edgework Creative

Our Mast stools in both dining height and bar height featuring both upgrades we offer- swivel seats and a backrest.

Mast stool by Edgework Creative

Bar Tops and Ordering Counter

At almost 20' long, this custom waterfall bar top and table is an absolute monster.  Check out this video of how our team delivered it to the restaurant in one piece. 😳💪. The waterfall bar top not only serves as a place for patrons to enjoy food and drink but also as a place for the team at Joya's to prep and serve.  It also seamlessly connects to the ordering counter.

Restaurant Bar by Edgework Creative

Restaurant bar top by Edgework Creative

Opposite the waterfall bar top is a drink ledge for additional guests and more casual seating.

Restaurant fixtures by Edgework Creative

You will find an inspired menu of drinks, pastries and brunch and lunch entrees; ranging from sandwiches to friend rice or a cheesy double crunch- a cult favorite from Avishar's time as executive chef of Service Bar.

Photography by Amy Carruthers Photography.


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