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We first discovered Laura in 2015 and have long loved her work.  She has a soothing style and ease to her art.  And to our surprise, she is also from Ohio.  Laura was kind enough to chat with us about her process, work and who inspires her.  We've been looking for the perfect piece for our home from her collection- they sell fast so don't delay if you fall in love with a piece.  

When did you start painting? Why did you start?

I’ve been practicing different art forms since I was young, but I started painting in 2013 as an outlet for personal expression and experimentation. Early on, I discovered that I wanted to explore the acrylic medium’s interaction with water. Through various modes of dilution, I began to develop a technique that highlighted the watered-down paint’s soothing and often unpredictable properties.

Laura Naples Laura Naples

What is the most exciting thing to come from your art career?

Art is inherently a connective force that reveals and generates meaning. My practice deepens my understanding of myself and others; sharing work introduces me to new people, places, and ideas. Painting offers me a container and lens to experience interconnectedness, both inward and outward.

Laura Naples

Tell us about your style and perspective.

My work is a distillation of elements that capture my attention - artifacts from the natural and shaped world. This act of paying attention is the first part of a multi-step mindful approach to my process, which can also include meditation, writing, even singing and dancing to connect to a focused state of flow. From here, I paint the equanimity I try to cultivate from within. Because my inspirations are multifold, this results in an abstract style that can vary from soft to graphic, raw to precise. The connective thread is a spirit that feels true, full, grounded, and peaceful.

Laura Naples Laura Naples

Where do you find inspiration? Who are the people that inspire your work and creativity?

Visually, I find inspiration in natural elements - water, light, shells, trees - as well as things shaped by humans - architecture, sculpture, and dance. I’m inspired by my creative family and friends, and their practices. Lately I look to the artist Michele Oka Doner with admiration because her art is so integrated with her holistic self. Her live/work space is an environment filled with objects of inspiration and anything that evokes in her a sense of wonder.

Laura Naples

What would you share with someone looking to pursue a career in the arts?

Relationships with other artists or creatives can be an invaluable source of support - a place to share vulnerabilities (which often overlap, and thus feel less singular) and to celebrate successes. An art degree isn’t necessary, but a dedicated practice and desire to learn continuously are essential. I’m fascinated by the creative process, so I research and try different ways to deepen and grow my own approach. The following books have been transformative for me: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Laura Naples Laura Naples

What is something you are excited about in the future?

I will partner with two beautiful galleries later this year to show alongside other artists whose work I admire. Also, I will participate in an artist residency program in Sonoma in early Fall. I’m excited to explore and interpret that region as an artwork to encapsulate the experience.

Laura Naples

How to purchase or explore Laura's artwork.

My original artwork is available through my studio and the NYC-based gallery Uprise Art. I also offer a collection of framed archival prints exclusively through Design Within Reach.

Collectors can visit my Cleveland, OH studio by booking a virtual visit. Together we can look at work in process, discuss a commission, or view available work in detail.


Blog photo credit: Laura Naples and Mills Rd

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