Weenie Wonder: a playful restaurant

We love when a customer helps us stretch our capabilities, have fun and be a part of an inspiring and playful space.  Weenie Wonder is just that.  The newest concept from Rise Brands allowed us to stretch our capabilities and have fun while doing it.  Take a look at all the components we were a part of in this (anything but ordinary) hot dog shop.  Jared of Rise Brands says you must try the "Wonder Coney - our take on the classic coney dog. And don't forget to pair it with a side of jojos and our secret house made wonder sauce!"

Restaurant furniture for Weenie Wonder

"At Weenie Wonder, we celebrate the weird in everyone.  Weenie Wonder is the fourth nostalgia driven concept to come out of Rise Brands," shares Jared of Rise Brands.

Ceiling Cloud

There are so many subtle references to the hot dog in the restaurant, starting with the bold ceiling clouds with integrated lighting.  The ceiling cloud above the ordering que spans more than 37 feet long and 9 feet wide.  At the back of the restaurant the ceiling cloud above the seating area is over 18 feet long and over 9 feet wide.

Restaurant ceiling cloud Restaurant ceiling cloud

Custom plant installations by Planthropy hang from the custom tables we built for this nostalgic and modern restaurant.

Ceiling Lighting

Spanning a distance of 40 feet the lighting above all of the booths consists of 32 round fixtures combined to create this lighting installation.  Rolled steel finished in Weenie Wonder orange.  Frosted acrylic panels help diffuse the light and give a soft glow to the dining space.

Restaurant lighting

Tables + Seating

Once you've ordered your dog, you need a good place to sit and eat- Weenie Wonder has all sorts of options.  We built all the table tops and stools in the space (indoor + out).  A mixture of tops made of Ash with a custom stain and solid surface tops are paired with simple metal bases.  Our Mast stools provide a simple place to perch while enjoying a dog.

Restaurant tables by Edgework Creative

Restaurant furniture by Edgework Creative Restaurant furniture by Edgework Creative

Restaurant furniture by Edgework Creative Restaurant furniture by Edgework Creative


Playful, witty and fun.  The personality of Weenie Wonder comes to life at their fixturing!  Subtle references to the menu are reflected in these custom fixtures for both trash and recycling and online order pick ups.  These fixtures also tie in nicely with the custom ceiling clouds we built.

Restaurant fixtures by Edgework Creative Restaurant fixtures by Edgework Creative

Exterior Furniture

Situated right in the heart of the Dublin Bridge Park development and along the river, sitting outside puts you in the heart of the action and with a great view.  Bar seating and stools create a relaxed place to dine and enjoy the views and sunshine.  The tables and stools are a simple and clean design that provide seating on 2 patios of the restaurant. 

Restaurant exterior furniture by Edgework Creative

Restaurant exterior furniture by Edgework Creative Restaurant exterior furniture by Edgework Creative

Wild Ideas, Behind the Build

We've long shared that if you can dream it, we can build it.  This project is a great example of a client asking for something new and fun and our incredibly talented team figuring it out. Jared from Rise Brands shares that "being able to visit your shop was huge for us to see progress on items as the project progressed and make adjustments when needed."  Collaboration and creativity are at the heart of what we do.

Adam from our team led the build of the metal components like the ceiling clouds seen below in process.  "Curved sheet metal mixed with laser cut end caps formed an organic shape had to be constructed very mechanically.  These were difficult to build because they had to all be exactly the same and form a seamless and very large unit," Adam shares.

We can't wait to do it again soon.  Now, go get a dog.

Custom fixtures by Edgework Creative

Custom fixtures by Edgework Creative

Custom fixtures by Edgework Creative

Special shout out to the entire team at Rise Brands for trusting us with their new concept and being solution oriented, Design Collective for their partnership and vision in the design, Planthropy for the stunning plants throughout, Fortner for the fun upholstery on the booths and Eclipse Corp and Kobalt Studios on the signage.

Photography by Amy Carruthers Photography


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