In the #HotSeat: Mother, Visionary + CEO

We're putting 5 hardworking women in the #HotSeat for Mother's Day to find out what inspires them, how they share their passions with their children, and how they've found success in business. Join us in celebrating their awesomeness #edgeworkstyle.

Meet Lindsay

Lindsay is our very own CEO (an all-encompassing role) here at Edgework Creative. She's half of the reason we exist, with the other half being her husband Alex. She's our visionary, our company pulse and a total wonder woman. Learn more about Lindsay.

Lindsay Remley - Edgework Creative

What is something you are excited about right now?

Alex and I are currently planning our 10-year anniversary trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy and the Greek Islands. It’s a trip we’ve wanted to take for years and are finally starting to plan the details of. It might also be that we both really need a vacation…

What inspired you to start your business?

Our home inspired our business! We had just moved into a new home and had a lot of empty rooms. I was struggling to find anything I liked and could afford. We were committed to buying with intention; we didn’t want to buy something just to fill space or invest in something that wasn’t built to last. I asked Alex if I designed a table, would he build it? He amused me and said “yes”. We still have that table and it’s for sure a showpiece in our home. At Edgework Creative, we are dedicated to a world filled with furniture made by passionate people, from quality materials and designed to tell a story.

Looking back, what stands out to you when thinking about the choices or circumstances that have attributed to your success?

Taking the leap has for sure been the most important. It’s easy to wait to make big decisions until everything is perfect or just right. The truth is if you wait for THAT, you’ll spend your entire life waiting. Taking the leap paired with pure grit is what has led to our success. Highlights of choices we’ve made that have been instrumental in our success and growth: deciding to do a Kickstarter campaign, moving into a dedicated shop space and out of our garage, the customer is always right- we pride ourselves on customer service and going above and beyond, and saying “yes” to wild ideas and big projects.

How are your kids involved in your business?

Our kids take such pride in the business — it is truly a family affair. We started in our garage so they have always had an interest in what we are building. Our kids love visiting the shop to sweep, run and goof around with our crew. Our oldest son Jackson, 9, is currently learning a 3D rendering program and using it to design a table and bench that he wants to build over summer break. He has big plans for taking over the business one day. We talk about business all the time, so the kids are up to date on what projects are going on, who they are for and what is next! It’s fun for them to see things from the very beginning, and we hope they are inspired to do something hard but that fulfills them!

Tell us about your home. What kind of space do you cultivate for yourself and your family?

Our home is a mix of modern, bohemian and vintage and obviously a bunch of Edgework Creative pieces. We filled it with pieces that we love, pieces with meaning and practicality. I truly just buy pieces I love and find a place for them later — it’s what makes it feel lived in and special. We also have a lot of pieces from my grandparents; they’re the kind of pieces you could never find anywhere else and they hold so many memories. In my opinion, people and memories make a home. We regularly host in our home, and it’s our favorite way to spend time with people we love.

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