In the #HotSeat: Mother, Jewelry Designer + Intention Setter

We're putting 5 hardworking women in the #hotseat for Mother's Day to find out what inspires them, how they share their passions with their children, and how they've found success in business. Join us in celebrating their awesomeness #edgeworkstyle.

Meet Jamie

Jamie is the founder and designer of BOHINDI, handmade intentional jewelry and ethically sourced energy essentials for mindful living and giving. She is a dear friend, and we are so lucky to have crossed paths. Learn more about her story.

BOHINDI - Jamie Riley | Edgework Creative #hotseat Feature

What is something you are excited about right now?

Besides the new growth on the trees, freshness in the Spring air and knowing that the warmer weather is coming to stay for a while… I would have to say the business intentions planted some time ago are now on the brink of fruition and have me fully charged and excited for what's to come.

What inspired you to start your business?

A trip to Southeast Asia in 2011 with my husband was a complete mind shift. A combination of events have lead me to this point before putting the finishing touches on our Arlington Ave. space that is now BOHINDI. Prior to this, I had been running a successful e-commerce business since 2006, which took over my life literally overnight and my husband was working 60-80hrs a week in a stressful clinical environment. We were what most would call “living the dream” or were we? In the sense of money, yes, we were making money, however, we worked so much that we were not able to enjoy what life really had to offer. Balance did not exist.

Through our travels, I witnessed both wealth and poverty- reflecting on the behaviors of both sides I came to the realization that there was a sense of contentment and happiness in areas that may have had very little to offer in the sense of material things. This was inspiring to me. So much that I decided whatever I created from that point on must have an intention and serve as a reminder of that intention. I was inspired to share this with others. I was inspired to create a space where you could walk in and for that moment escape the hustle of everyday life... to pause, breathe and realign. Even if it meant I would be starting from scratch all over again.

Looking back, what stands out to you when thinking about the choices or circumstances that have attributed to your success?


How are your kids involved in your business?

As a mother of one, I am confident to say she is the center of our world and has been involved with the business since the day I found out she was growing inside me. Every decision made once I found out I was pregnant was made with her in mind. From our limited studio hours to learning to say no to things that did not serve our family or business. Four years later she remains a constant reminder to live with intention and embrace the sweetness of the present moment which contributes to our business mission and mantra.

Tell us about your home. What kind of space do you cultivate for yourself and your family?

Om sweet home… some have even called it “casa savasana” Ha! As a wife, mother, and business owner it was more important than ever to cultivate a space of peace, love, and intention. A place to retreat and reflect after a long day. Our home vibe is something I call modern-rustic-zen.

Only a few miles from my studio office we found the perfect little home on an amazing piece of property surrounded by sweet Mother Nature and the most beautiful morning sunrises reflecting off the Scioto river. I am a believer that Mother Nature can teach us things that books can not and can have amazing benefits to our mental well-being.

The sounds of little feet stomping across the floors, clinking dishes on an early Saturday morning, the smell of fresh cut grass and homemade marinara sauce remind us that this is our home.

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