In the #HotSeat: Mother, Fashionmonger + Wardrobe Genius

We're putting 5 hardworking women in the #hotseat for Mother's Day to find out what inspires them, how they share their passions with their children, and how they've found success in business. Join us in celebrating their awesomeness #edgeworkstyle.

Meet Maren

Maren is the owner and head purveyor of Rowe Boutique, a women's clothing store located in Columbus' beloved Short North Arts District. She's been a long time friend and commercial client of Edgework Creative, and an all-around awesome person! Learn more about her.

Maren Roth | Owner, Rowe Boutique

What is something you are excited about right now?

I am excited about our W4W event that is coming up on May 17th. We have an amazing group of smart, creative and driven female business owners that are part of this incredible event. It’s being hosted at one of my most favorite homes in Bexley by one of my most favorite women. I’m so inspired by the energy we're bringing to execute an amazing event while bringing awareness to Dress for Success, the organization it benefits. I love working with such inspiring people that have such unique businesses and stories to tell.

Rowe Boutique - Columbus, OH

What inspired you to start your business?

I was inspired to start my businesses after losing my father 14 years ago to advanced stage 4 lung cancer. He was such a driven and hard working individual. After working a freelance job in L.A. helping buyers at a trade show, it dawned on me that I didn’t want to be selling to the buyers - I wanted to be buying for myself. At that moment I knew I was going to move back to Columbus and open my own boutique! The support from my family and friends to follow that dream was all of the inspiration I needed. Even after being turned down by bank after bank, I was even more determined to make my dream a reality. I think hearing "no" only drove me harder!

Looking back, what stands out to you when thinking about the choices or circumstances that have attributed to your success?

Not letting the fear of failure stop me is definitely the biggest standout. My husband and I decided to make the leap and open a men’s store almost 2 years ago and unfortunately, we had to make the tough decision to close it last October. Although it was really hard to make that choice, we knew it was the right one. I am very proud of us that we decided to try it, even if it didn’t succeed.

Rowe Boutique - Columbus, Ohio

How are your kids involved in your business?

As a full-time working parent, I'm so lucky to have a village of friends and family that help me when I need it, but I do love when I get to bring my daughter to the store. She's only three, but she tries to emulate me by telling me she is "doing important work." I like to think that her own entrepreneurial spirit and sense of style is developing from being in and around the shop. Not to mention, she's a really great helper when I'm doing "pop-ups" on the road. I'm taking her to a trade show in LA and a pop up in San Francisco in June, and I am really excited to share those experiences with her.

Rowe Boutique - Columbus, Ohio

Tell us about your home. What kind of space do you cultivate for yourself and your family?

We moved into a new house about a year and a half ago with grand plans to renovate the bathrooms, floors and change some of the layouts, but we have put that on pause for a bit, which is giving us the chance to live in the space and really figure out what we need based on how we live. I'm really glad we made that decision.

 There are things I would definitely do now that I wouldn’t have thought about doing when we moved in. What really makes our house a home though is that we listen to good music, burn our favorite incense and candles, have great art to look at, and have fun grilling out in the summer and sitting by the fire in the winter. We really live in our house. We spend time there, and we are making memories there.

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