In the #HotSeat: Mother, Artist + Wool Whisperer

We're putting 5 hardworking women in the #hotseat for Mother's Day to find out what inspires them, how they share their passions with their children, and how they've found success in business. Join us in celebrating their awesomeness #edgeworkstyle.

Meet Lauren Williams

Lauren is the artist and visionary behind Lauren Williams Art + Home and Canvas with Movement®, a unique collection of hand dyed wool and walnut tapestries. We have always admired her innovative and expressive work, so we are very excited to bring you this hot take from a creative we love.

Lauren Williams Art + Home - Canvas with Movement

What is something you are excited about right now?

We have been working out of our three car garage for the last 4 years, and after receiving multiple large scale projects that have tapped us for space, we are looking to move the studio to a larger space! My design-loving heart has gone crazy on Pinterest creating the ideal studio for my art. Having a larger, more creative space will be a dream come true, and a very exciting upgrade for my studio crew, who has patiently worked in the garage during winter and summer months without HVAC. We are all very excited about this much-needed upgrade!

What inspired you to start your business?

A blank wall! We were living in a rental home in Dallas and had a large blank wall in the dining room where I wanted to hang an art piece. However, my taste for art and my budget for art did not align. I have experimented with painting on smaller canvases and thought about painting a canvas for the space, but purchasing a large size canvas was even too expensive for us at the time. I decided that I would create something unique for the wall myself. After walking the aisles of an art store and a hardware store, I came up with the idea to create my own “canvas” by suspending individual strands of yarn from a wooden dowel and use dyes to add depth and interest. After drying, I hung my work on the intended wall and my husband loved it. I thought that if we could both agree on a piece of art for this wall, then maybe other people would like it, too.

I shared a photo to Instagram and received great feedback. Friends started asking for their own tapestry and it led me to create more of my “Canvas with Movement” tapestries on the weekends and at night after my kids were sleeping. Eventually, I couldn't keep up with the emails and requested tapestries, and when I was pregnant with our third baby I became even more focused on my art and after having the baby decided to make creating art my focus. The business was never forced and grew organically, which made a big difference in me being able to harness my creativity and turn it into a successful business.

Lauren Williams Art + Home #hotseat with Edgework Creative

Looking back, what stands out to you when thinking about the choices or circumstances that have attributed to your success?

I use every email, direct message and client interaction to help shape and guide my business to be better. I remember, at the very beginning, I followed up with a client who purchased a tapestry to make sure she was happy with her piece and mentioned that I would love to see a photo of the tapestry hanging in her home. The client replied that she had not yet hung the tapestry because she hadn’t had the time to go buy nails to hang it. Immediately, I knew that every tapestry going forward would be shipped with the necessary nails to install upon delivery. It was a negligible cost for me, that my clients would highly appreciate.

Over the years, I have always made sure to prioritize customer service and quality of my work, in everything I do. I believe maintaining a high standard that I would want to receive myself as a hard working consumer, keeps my collectors returning and increasing my client base.

How are your kids involved in your business?

Since we work from home, our three boys are always hanging out in the studio. The house is constantly being rearranged for photos and new artwork installations, so often our conversations include their opinions of the design, decor, and art that is on constant rotation. I love hearing their feedback and understanding what they see when I create something new. Making art and the feelings associated with art are part of our family dynamic, is something I feel very fortunate to cultivate.

Tell us about your home. What kind of space do you cultivate for yourself and your family?

We have been in this house for the last 4 years. When we moved to the suburbs, we gained so much space and a three car garage that I converted into my studio which helped launch my career as an artist. These walls have given us a safe place for so many beautiful ideas, messy mistakes, funny occurrences, scary decisions and pivotal moments as a family and a small business.

I believe in a home that feels well designed and artistic, yet comfortable and inviting; organized, but lived in; open, but intimate. Even though this house is a rental, we have only brought in pieces of furniture, textiles, lighting, and art that we love — which makes it feel 100% ours.

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