Benefits of Round Dining Tables

Dining tables are more than just a place to eat, especially in the last year, they have become the social center of the household. It's also no secret that dining tables are one of our favorite pieces to build.  Today we are rounding up some of the benefits of a round dining table.

Round dining tables are ideal for connection and conversation.  It is one of the best shapes for small gatherings since everyone can see everyone else, conversations are easier to carry on, and the setting feels cozier and more intimate.

    Good flow

    Because there are no corners it creates more space for people to walk around and get to their seat.  A round table is well suited for a formal style dining room, as well as, more open floor plans where the dining room is open to other rooms in the home.

    Round Dining Table by Edgework Creative Mast dining table by Edgework Creative

    Better connection

    A round table means that everyone faces the center so that you are never left out of a conversation. Catching someone’s attention is much easier and it’s far better for everyone at the table to participate. There is also a feeling of openness which actually encourages you to converse with others and makes for a far more pleasant experience.

    Walnut Seneca dining table by Edgework Creative Custom round dining table by Edgework Creative

    Great for small spaces

    A round dining table provides a better use of space in a smaller area so that there is less bumping or crowding when trying to sit down.  Round tables also have smaller footprints than rectangular tables of the same size and are well designed to squeeze more people around the table for additional seating.

    Seneca Dining Table by Edgework Creative

     Customize your own round dining table by Edgework Creative Mast dining table by Edgework Creative

    Shop our Online Collection

    Your table is where you share in life's small moments and create new memories.   We have a collection of semi-custom tables available online, made by real people for real life — that's feel good furniture.

    Elemnt Dining Table

    The Elemnt dining table features all round edges- round tube legs and a round top with a bullnose edge.  An unfussy and simple dining table, perfect for everyday life, small gatherings and memory making.

    Elemnt round dining table by Edgework Creative

    Round dining tables by Edgework Creative Elemnt round dining table by Edgework Creative

    Seneca Dining Table

    Create an intimate space to gather around the Seneca dining table. This round top table features four handset steel inlays, melding our signature materials of wood and metal.  This dining table is available with a wood or metal base.

    Wood and metal dining table by Edgework Creative Round wood dining table by Edgework Creative

    Mast Dining Table

    The Mast dining table features a pedestal steel base paired with a round wood top- customize your own table by choosing your wood top available in Ash, White Oak, Maple or Walnut and choose your metal base color to make it your own.

    Walnut round dining table

    Round dining tables by Edgework Creative Round dining tables by Edgework Creative

    Looking for custom?

    Our process is easy.  Whether you're looking for a different size on one of our standard tables or a completely custom table, we can do it!  We'd love to build you a custom piece to complete your space.  Let's get started here.


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