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We stumbled across Sofia's (@sofiashustudio) work several years ago when she painted a mural on the outside of a home in San Francisco and we've been so inspired by her work across all mediums ever since.  The geometry and precision of her work are soothing and structural.

Learn more about Sofia below, we can't wait to see what she creates next in her San Francisco studio. 

How did you get started with your art?

I've been painting since I was 3 years old.  Really creating, not just baby scribbles.  My mom said she's not sure how I did it, but by the age of 5 I was creating drawings with perspective and scale. I attended art school in the small Siberian town I grew up and then went on to study architecture in Moscow, Russia.  Being a full time artist was a dream that felt so unrealistic that I didn't even try to pursue it until 2017.  That year the universe gave me so many signs that I couldn't resist my true path any longer.  While working full time as an interior designer, I managed to dedicate 3 days a week to my art.  People from all over the world started ordering my work and that gave me the boost I needed to keep going.  By the end of 2019 I was able to support my family full time by creating art.

Sofia Shu: Creatives We Love by Edgework Creative, dimensional art, original artSofia Shu: Creatives We Love by Edgework Creative, graphic art, original artist

Tell us about your process?

I work in a few mediums. 

I create some work on canvas using acrylic paint.  I love that it dries fast and gives me a lot of flexibility in the process.  Normally, I create a sketch and then draft it on canvas- most of my paintings end up looking different from the original sketch.  It's fun to let each piece lead me.  I start with an idea and direction and let it develop in the direction it wants to go.  I often look at my finished work and have a feeling that it was created through me and that I was guided.

I also create prints and tapestries using a block printing technique.  I approach it with my designer heart and brain and make sure it looks great in any interior.

Sofia Shu: Creatives we Love by Edgework Creative, block art, original artSofia Shu: Creatives We Love by Edgework Creative

What is your style?

I use minimalistic shapes and often a monochromatic color palette to create a meditative effect for the viewer.  I want my artwork to feel restorative, like a breath of fresh air, and to bring you to the present moment.

Sofia Shu: Creative We Love by Edgework Creative, artist, block print

What do you want people to know about buying original art?

I think in the age of mass production, it's very refreshing to see anything unique.  I try to curate every piece I buy for my house and my closet to make sure it has a story and that it represents who I am.  It's actually pretty fun to have many conversation pieces.

Sofia Shu: Creatives We Love by Edgework Creative, artist, original art Sofia Shu: Creatives We Love by Edgework Creative, artist, original art, painting

Do you have a favorite piece or project you've worked on?

One of the coolest things I did was a mural on someone's house in San Francisco.  I often drive near the house just to remind myself that it actually happened!  I can't wait to paint more houses in my bold designs.

Sofia Shu: Creatives We Love by Edgework Creative, mural, San Francisco

Are there trends you are loving? Hating? Happy to see come back around?

I am leaning more towards authenticity and diversity.  It's so nice to see unique interiors that express each individual's soul.

As for hating, I can't stand it when people try and match art to their furniture.  I think it should match their personality and spark and emotion; potentially start a conversation.  It shouldn't simply match some dining chairs.

Sofia Shu: Creatives We Love by Edgework Creative, original art, female artist 

What's next?  Anything big you're working on or excited about?

I've been striving to create something more three dimensional and sculptural.  About a month ago I released my first series of WAVE tapestries, and I'm excited to keep exploring this direction.  I paint on raw canvas and then shape it into a wave.  I love how it plays with lighting throughout the day, creating beautiful shadows.  I have lots of ideas from paintings to immersive art installations.  So stay tuned:)

Sofia Shu: Creatives We Love by Edgework Creative, block art

You can shop her work online or commission a custom piece.  We have our eye on a few pieces for our home and think, for obvious reasons, that there is so much added value in understanding the creative process, details and people that create these incredible pieces.  Be sure to support people following their passion, creating and sharing their work.

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