Thinking Outside The Box: A Guide To Multiple Uses For The Modular HIVE Table

A versatile table made to support different uses, both in the workplace and at home. Featuring a unique shape, the HIVE modular table can be customized to blend in with your desired style and combined to form different shapes and expand your work surface.

Meet our
HIVE table- modern, modular tables that pair flexibility with modern design and are multi-use and transitional. The HIVE table features clean lines and ergonomic proportions, that make them the perfect solution for modular office furniture, co-working spaces, event needs and or even as a craft table for your kids. The HIVE table provides a seemingly endless amount of configurations, and is well suited in sets of 3 as they can fit together to create larger tables and group workspaces. Today we are sharing some of the most popular uses of these tables and feedback from the clients that use them daily.

 HIVE modular work table HIVE modular work table

Use: Modular Office Furniture

As the office and work environments are ever changing, having flexible furniture to meet the needs of the day or meeting are essential and our HIVE tables are a perfect solution. The tables can be used individually as single workstations, or combined to form larger tables. The locking casters on each table make it easy to move and transform your room for all the needs of the space.

HIVE modular work table

HIVE modular work tables

“The Hive tables have been fantastic. As an architectural office, we have a lot of vendors through our space presenting ‘lunch and learns’ so the ability to transition to a classroom type presentation is very important. We also do a lot of team building events that we’ve created multiple configurations for, either to accommodate large groups or broken down into smaller team stations.” -Kyle  

Use:  Kids Craft Table/Game Table

More time at home, means parents (and kids) are having to get creative with schoolwork, office space, activities, sharing the home and having fun.  Our HIVE tables can be used for both your zoom calls and as a home desk or as a craft table and game table for the family in the evening.  

HIVE modular work table HIVE modular work table

Use: Coworking Space

Coworking spaces by nature are flexible work environments for all sorts of businesses.  As such, they need to provide office solutions and work spaces that meet the needs of everyone in the space.  Our HIVE tables do exactly that.  They can be used as an individual desk, a collaborative space, a conference table and so much more. “The Hive Tables are the perfect fusion of form and function. The modular design gives you flexibility in your workspace. It's office furniture that doesn't look or feel like office furniture.” -Conrad


HIVE modular work table HIVE modular work table

Use: Event Venue (VUE)

The ability to transform a space into an environment suitable for different types of events is key for a venue. The HIVE table is perfect for event venues as it can serve as a cake table, buffet tables or a large family-style table, depending on the need.  Our HIVE tables provide endless possibilities and can easily be turned over for each event.  Push two together as a cake table or sweetheart table.  Use several end-to-end as a buffet station.  The HIVE tables are easy to move and reconfigure with just one person, in just a few minutes the entire room can be transformed.  “Their hive tables (smaller/trapezoid shaped) are a tremendous addition to our inventory onsite. They are versatile when used for our wide variety of events, and when placed together form some creative shapes for our corporate meetings. Their customer service is also fantastic. Highly recommend working with Edgework Creative!” -Quinn

HIVE modular tables HIVE modular work table

Customize your own online 

Our HIVE tables can be used in so many environments and offer an incredible amount of value to your space.  Customize your own set on our website, choosing your metal finish and wood species to create the best fit for your space.  Don’t see something you want, just ask- we can customize colors for your brand.  Assembly of the tables is quick and easy- check out our assembly video here!  We ship nationwide.  Other options include power modules for charging and presenting. 

HIVE modular work table

 HIVE modular work table HIVE modular work table

While thinking about your space and how many fit the needs, check out our pdf of some popular configurations and their dimensions.  If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at  We are happy to help you sort through the best configurations and quantities for your space.

Another modular option

We've also launched a similar modular table, the BRICK table.  It offers the same flexibiliity and modular function as the HIVE table. Inspired by the simple and versatile dimensions of a brick, these tables are ready to be paired together. Designed to be used as an individual table or in sets of whatever quantity makes sense for your space.  Customize your own online and learn more about this option on our blog.

Modular desk

modular office furniture office desk

kids desk

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