Table Talk: Beautiful and Made for Real Life

Let's Talk Tables. We build a lot of them... more than any other piece of furniture. It's our most requested type of project, and no two are exactly alike. So, what's the story of these pieces after they leave our shop?

Get to know our work from a more intimate perspective as we go behind the scenes with some of our custom clients in this Table Talk series. 

Beautiful and Practical

Our furniture is made by real people for real life. If you're wondering what exactly that means, this #TableTalk should help to explain.

The Stanley family was working with the local interior design team Paul + Jo Studio and needed a new dining table that would be equally beautiful and long-lasting. By working with our skilled team of makers, they were able to get the exact style AND durability they wanted with a custom live edge dining table and matching bench. But, don't take our word for it. See what they have to say about life with a custom table from Edgework Creative.

What was the first meal you shared at your table?

Honestly, I can’t remember what our first meal at this table was! That could be attributed to the fact that we have shared so many meals here in the last year.

What was your inspiration for the style and design of your table?

I had found similar tables online, but the reviews would always include something really negative about stains and water rings. I knew I needed a durable table that allowed for eating, drinking, vases, games, and arts + crafts. I didn’t want to have to always think about not being able to do something out of fear of ruining the table. When working on this table with Edgework Creative, I made sure to communicate this as our top priority. We were able to achieve the style I liked —simple with a bit of modern — and make it completely durable.

How does your table fit your life?

Our table had to be kid-friendly and still be stylish. I always have children sit on the bench because I can easily wipe it off if they spill or drop food on it. Us adults usually sit in the chairs, which gives it more of a formal feeling. The versatility of it has been incredible!

What's your favorite memory shared at this table?

My husband had broken his leg and being immobile had him feeling down on his luck. We ended up hosting people for the Super Bowl and invited our friends along with a handful of neighbors and their kids. My husband was all smiles on the couch as we sat around the table eating and drinking. It warmed my heart that we were able to accommodate such a large group at our table and make his evening in such a simple way.

Was the investment in a custom dining table worth it? Would you do it again?

Yes and Yes. You are truly getting what you want when you invest in custom. Even after getting so much use, the table and bench still look brand new. I just wipe it with a damp paper towel to clean up spills, and there have been zero stains!

Next Round Is On Us

Upgrade your hosting game before the holidays with a table from Edgework Creative. Book your custom table project with us before 12/31/19 and we'll deliver your new table with a little local spirit from our friends at Watershed Distillery, our gift to you. Cheers to the gift of gathering! Learn about how custom works and get a quote!


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