Spaces to Gather: The Kindred Table at #theblondevic


Catherine (founder of Beginning in the Middle) and Bryan, co-owners of Mix Design Collective have poured every ounce of hard work, passion and purpose into their most recent renovation project #theblondevic in the King-Lincoln Neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. They asked us to help them co-create the centerpiece of their modern victorian dining room, a table that would blend the character of the past with the styles of the present. Saying “yes” was probably the easiest thing we have ever done.

We worked with Mix Design Collective to ideate and concept 3 different dining table designs that would reflect the personality of #theblondevic. Our creative efforts resulted in this expansive walnut top with an eye-catching chamfered edge finished with a minimal metal base in gold. We jokingly refer to it as “the sexiest table we’ve ever built”, but HONESTLY… we think you’ll probably agree. We have named it the Kindred table to represent the collaborative efforts that lead to its creation and to foreshadow experiences that will be shared around it — togetherness and gathering.

We have always believed that a table is more than just a table. There’s ancient intimacy that is shared around it. It’s where you spend quality time, it’s the backdrop for your meals and memories and if it’s an Edgework Creative table — it’s made with your meals and memories in mind.


Instead of taking the traditional holiday route we selected refined elements that would showcase the design of the Kindred table, seeking inspiration from the Autumn season and its golden hours. For this first look we added velvet marigold fabric from The Lesser Bear to sweep across the walnut top providing richness in color and texture to contrast the clean  and modern lines of the table. Catherine and Lindsay added a collection of vintage and new brass candlesticks mixing in the true essence of #theblondevic to this style. Topped with lush greenery from Three Buds Flower Market, the Kindred table looks nearly finished with just 3 steps.

With the stage set for our Golden Hour table styling, we added in Lindsay’s amazing vintage glassware with gold accents, a set of brass flatware, black plates from our friend at Auburn and Ivory and dark grey linens (The Lesser Bear) for a modern finish.


We decided to amp things up by doing a table style for the abundance that is felt during the harvesting season. So with this one we said more is more, but make it moody. We knew we wanted to introduce some rich colors to play off of the natural tones in the walnut of the Kindred table, so florals and greenery from Three Buds Flower Market was the perfect way to add some pop. We swapped out our velvet runner for a natural toned wool gauze from The Lesser Bear, and added some tea lights for drama. Mostly everything else remained the same!

The final touch to this luxe look was the framed photograph, Portrait of an Elegant Lady (2017, you can purchase a print of it here!) from our friend Allie Lehman of The Wonder Jam. Feast your eyes on this styling ripe for harvesting season. Now, who’s in the mood to gather?


Learn more about our friends Catherine and Bryan of Mix Design Collective and follow along with them as they wrap up their project at #theblondevic. So much love for these people!


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