Rockbridge: a dream office

With over 90 adjustable height desks, conference tables, private office furniture and so much more, the brand new offices of Rockbridge are what office dreams are made of.  It was even nominated as one of the "coolest offices" by Columbus Business First.  "We wanted to create an office environment that was consistent with what we do and who we are. So we wanted to create an office environment that felt like a hotel experience, where we have a lot of public space and it is very inviting to come in," shares Jim Merkel, CEO & Co-founder.  Take a tour of this inspired office space and see all the work our team built throughout.

The Lobby (but make it feel like a living room)

The first impression when you walk in the Rockbridge office is inviting.  Much of the office has been designed to feel like a public space in one of their hotel brands. This pair of walnut console tables adds to the impeccable symmetry of the space.  Each table measures just over 8' long and has more parts than we can count. 

Office furniture by Edgework Creative

"We pulled pieces from as many as we could to tell their stories and create the personality of our office - collected, warm, dynamic, and as hospitable as one's home could be," shares Bill Black.

Walnut console table  Office furniture by Edgework Creative

Eli from our team built them and says "there was a good deal of jig making for all the angled domino joints as well as for the glue ups.  Each table had three separate glue ups for the legs alone."

Custom furniture by Edgework Creative Custom office furniture by Edgework Creative

Behind the build of these custom walnut console tables.  

Communal Office Spaces

The Rockbridge office is not short on gathering spaces, including closed door conference rooms and community tables for gathering and collaboration.  Each room is designed to reflect one of their hotel brands from across the country.  We built a selection of conference tables and a handful of standing collaboration desks in several spaces throughout. These spaces are perfect for group meetings or reviewing plans, reports and more when you need a break from your desk.

Conference table by Edgework Creative Work table by Edgework Creative

Collaboration tables by Edgework Creative

There are 5 of these collaboration desks throughout the office.

Private Offices

Each of the private offices has a variety of standing desks (in several shapes- both standard and L-shaped).  As well as the desks, we built ancillary furniture like meeting tables, consoles and more for many of the private offices.

 Desk by Edgework Creative Meeting table by Edgework Creative

Standing desk by Edgework Creative

Work Stations

Scattered throughout the entire office are large department workstations featuring partitions and standing desks.  Some departments have upwards of 50 desks in a space.  The department pictured below has over 50 desks in just this room and the accompanying private offices surrounding the department. 

Work stations by Edgework Creative, adjustable height desks

Each person has the ability to decide to sit or stand at their station.

Wood desks by Edgework Creative Adjustable height desk by Edgework Creative

"It’s a healthy approach to working and the desk configurations provide flexibility to our team. Everyone in our office really likes them. It’s a clean, beautiful look" Merkel shares.

Standing desk by Edgework Creative

Standing desk by Edgework Creative

Each desk has outlets that can be opened or closed for a cleaner surface or charging devices.

"Easton is a great place to office," said Jimmy Merkel, CEO & Co-Founder of Rockbridge. "They are really good placemakers, they've created an environment here with a lot of complementary brands that make it a special environment."  It's clear the team at Rockbridge put so much thought into the space and they are talented at creating inspired spaces.  There was an incredible team of people involved in this project:

Architecture by Design Collective

Photography by Amy Carruthers


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