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Whether you’re working from home one day per week, or full-time, it’s important to ensure that you are set up to be productive. This includes having a designated workspace and ways of dealing with storage and potential disruptions. 

Over the years we've helped people create office spaces that are functional and beautiful. Today we are sharing a series of office spaces we've helped build furniture and more for, everything from desks + doors to shelving + accent furniture.


Desks are the work horse of any home office.  Whether you need a simple table surface or a complete built out home office, the desk is an essential.  Below we are highlighting the wide range of desk styles, sizes and uses we've built over the years.   

Home office furniture by Edgework Creative, conference table Home office desk, modern furniture by Edgework Creative

Waterfall desks by Edgework Creative, work from home inspiration

Home office desk by Edgework Creative Brax walnut desk by Edgework Creative, executive desk

L-shaped desk by Edgework Creative, wood and metal desk The Brook desk by Edgework Creative, waterfall wood desk 

Home office desk with shelving by Edgework Creative, work from home inspiration

Beyond the Desk

The office isn't just about the desk.  Think about all the ways your office supports you: storage, accessibility and privacy are also incredibly important.


Metal and glass doors by Edgework Creative Metal and glass office doors by Edgework Creative

Privacy is something to consider when thinking about your office.  A quiet space is essential to your productivity.  The use of glass allows for natural light to flow through your space but keeps the noise and distraction at bay.


Modular office shelving by Edgework Creative Oliver modular shelving by Edgework Creative, office shelving

Our Oliver modular shelving creates unlimited configurations for storage and displaying personal belongings.  Create the configuration that suits your space and needs.

Live edge console table by Edgework Creative, office furniture Office shelving, modern shelving by Edgework Creative

A console table or decorative shelving provides an opportunity for additional storage and a way to showcase personal items and decor.

The Traditional Office

The traditional office isn't a thing of the past, but we predict a lot more flexibility in your work environment; flexibility in your actual environment and from your boss;). For more office inspiration check out our blog, this modern office in Cleveland was a favorite project over the years, featured on DesignMilk.  This local architecture firm remodeled a historic building downtown into their new offices.

Our HIVE tables work hard for you and your work environment.  The HIVE tables pair modular flexibility and modern design. Clean lines and ergonomic proportions make them the perfect solution for offices or event and co-working spaces. HIVE provides a seemingly endless amount of configurations, and are well suited in sets of 3.  Check them out online.

Modular tables and modular desk by Edgework Creative

Modular desk by Edgework Creative, office design Modular desk by Edgework Creative, office design

We hope you find a way to make your home office work, we know not everyone has a dedicated space or room.  Hopefully implementing a few (or even one!) of these ideas helps you create a space you enjoy working in and you feel productive.  If you're interested in talking about a custom project, you can get started here.  Or you can shop online anytime.

Custom furniture by Edgework Creative


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